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Advocating for Christian Businesses. Connecting Christian businesses and consumers. Helping consumers make faith-informed decisions.

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It is time to awaken a sleeping giant.

In the “cancel-culture” era where a vocal minority of radical activist groups wield immense control over corporate policy in business and media, conservative Christians and their values are subject to increasing hostility.

Christian consumers have massive economic spending power, yet because they lack avenues to assert their influence, no one’s bottom-line suffers if they are alienated. Meanwhile, businesses that respect Christian values have few channels to connect with Christian consumers. Let’s be part of of the solution.

In becoming certified, you will also be supporting the future legal defense of businesses like yours.
Following the launch of a paid certification program, a portion of certification proceeds will
support Christian businesses facing discrimination.

“As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.”
Galatians 6:10

What Certification Provides You

Access to Faith Informed Customers

Your business will be listed and linked on the growing CCC partner directory where Christian consumers looking for Christian friendly businesses to buy from can find you.

Use of the CCC Seal

You will receive digital copies of the CCC seal for use on your website and packaging in order to convey to the marketplace that a trusted third party has certified you as a Christian friendly business.


You will receive an electronic CCC certificate for you to be able to post at your place of business for as long as you remain certified with Christian Consumer Certified.

Community Support

Following the launch of a paid certification program, a portion of proceeds will be allocated to assisting in legal challenges for Christian business owners who are facing discrimination.

As a Christian, I am called to faithfully serve Christ, seeking first his kingdom and righteousness. As a business owner, I carry the CCC seal in support of consumers and other business owners doing likewise.

Don Wilk
Venue 1848

“I love the opportunity to connect with so many Christians who are looking for products and services from businesses that aren’t openly hostile to their values.”​

Jason Matyas
Founder & CEO
Seeds for Generations

Upholding Biblical, Christian Values in the Marketplace.

Christian Consumer Certified partners and businesses are committed to upholding conservative Christian values in the marketplace and promoting fairness, cooperation, and freedom from religious discrimination.

Our Values

Sanctity of Life

Christians should not be discriminated against for religious and biblical views on life and protections for unborn children.


Christians should not be discriminated against for holding conservative, biblical views regarding the definition of marriage.


Christians should not be discriminated against for holding conservative, Christian values that differ from the LGBT lobby.


Christians should not be discriminated against for holding to views contrary to transgender ideology.

Family Values

Christians should not be discriminated against for espousing biblical views regarding family values.

Love God, Love Neighbor

Christians should not be discriminated against for holding to biblical ethics as summarized in the ten commandments.

Certification & Directory


Certified Christian Managed

Certification for businesses owned by Christians and managed in accordance with conservative Christian values.

Certified Christian Friendly

Certification for businesses which may or may not be Christian owned, but nonetheless are supportive and non-discriminatory towards conservative, Christian people and values.

An Unprecedented Opportunity

According to recent data, across 35 million small businesses in America, there are an estimated 489,000 Christian business owners with more than ten employees selling products and services to American consumers.

35 Million+

Small Businesses


Christian Business Owners

41 Million+

Faith Driven Consumers

On the consumer side, according to American Insights, there are more than 41 million “faith driven consumers” who are an influential segment of the Christian market with two trillion in buying power. These consumers tend to make purchasing decisions based on their biblical worldview. This presents a growing opportunity for business owners willing to embrace these faith conscious consumers.

There are currently no significant private certification agencies in existence which seek to advocate for the interests of Christian consumers and business owners. Meanwhile, there are a myriad of organizations which openly oppose the Christian worldview and its convictions.

Easy, Three-Step Application Process

Step 1

Fill out and submit an application online in minutes with no application fee. Designate whether you would like to apply for a “Christian Owned” or “Christian Friendly” certification.

Step 2

Christian Consumer Certified application coordinators will review your application and respond to you within a few days.

Step 3

Following approval, you will be listed on our directory, issued a certification e-document, and will gain access to the CCC seal to place on your labels and website at your discretion for the duration of your certification term.


Congratulations and welcome to our community! You are now officially Christian Consumer Certified!

“I love having the ability to connect with consumers who share our Christian values while at the same time continuing to serve customers from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs. Applying for certification with Christian Consumer Certified was fast and easy. It’s a great way to live out our values in the marketplace.”

Dustin Ranem
110 Marketing

Christian Consumer Certified Businesses

Our Mission

Broadly speaking, Christians are happy to frequent the businesses of those from different walks of life as long as the product or service is valuable. To be sure, for Christians living in a fallen world, doing business in some form with companies that oppose their worldview is virtually unavoidable. That being said, in our current environment, there is also a need for a private consumer certification organization that provides consumer advocacy and transparency to the Christian community in the following ways:

Connect Christian Businesses & Consumers

Empower Christian business owners to connect with customers who value their products and services both to provide excellent products and services to their Christian brothers and sisters and to receive their support

Equip Christian Seeking to Avoid Discriminatory Companies

Equip Christian consumers in the marketplace with the information necessary to increase opportunities to buy from reputable companies which do not openly oppose or aggressively act against their religious convictions.

Bless Christian Businesses

Help Christian consumers who would like to bless other fellow Christians in patronizing their business by providing avenues to do so. Following Launch, a portion of certification proceeds will help to support legal defense organizations that support Christian businesses facing discrimination.

Enable Christian Allies

Enable all consumers and business owners regardless of religion to communicate their solidarity with the Christian community and to stand against discrimination against traditional Christian religious beliefs and Christian ethics.

Advocacy for Christian Businesses & Consumers

Are you a merchant, service provider, manufacturer, vendor, supplier, or business owner that respects biblically conservative, Christian values?

Are you concerned about the growing open hostility in Corporate America towards these values?

Would you like to provide your customers with a means of assurance that they are not supporting organizations which aggressively oppose and seek to discriminate against Christian values?

Christian Consumer Certified empowers Christian consumers and businesses to make faith-informed purchasing decisions.

Following launch, a portion of proceeds will help to support legal defense organizations that support Christian businesses.

Why Christian Consumer Certified?


Christian Certified Consumer is the gold standard of Christian consumer advocacy & certification agencies.

Easy Application Process

Apply in minutes and become certified in a manner of days. There is no application fee.


Christian Consumer Certification is designed for all sizes of businesses with affordability in mind. Currently free.

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